Rigid Rail Climbing Systems

The rigid rail climbing systems provide maximum climbing safety for workers in a virtually any place that climbing must be done. The rail attaches quickly and easily to any ladder step iron or climbing surface. The trolley travels freely and easily along the rail and immediately arrests upon a fall.

When ordering a Rigid Rail system, you will need to provide rung sizes, shapes, detail or other specifics. 

Removable Extension

The removable extension is used to access a permanent rail system/ladder from the top, when a permanent extension is not possible or desirable. The extension is positioned into the existing permanent rail with a machined high-strength alignment bar and support channel.
As a distributor of FrenchCreek’s rigid rail systems, we would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about the benefit of implementing this particular type of ladder fall arrest system.
An example of a rigid rail system on an aluminum ladder.

Parts of the System

A closeup of a rung clamp, which features an aluminum track piece and locking carabiner.

Rung Clamp

A closeup of an aluminum climbing trolley.

Climbing Trolley