TUF Rail Industrial Railing Kits

Rail Kit


TFCO’s Industrial TUF Rail railing kits create a structurally sound system with no welding, drilling or tapping that meets or exceeds OSHA safety standards.

Protect workplace areas and personnel to promote a safe environment with TUF Rail railing kits. All posts are preassembled making installation quick and simple. Aluminum components and a highly visible safety yellow powder coat finish provide years of maintenance free service.

Why use TUFRail Industrial Railing Kits

Safety: The safety yellow coating makes TUF Rail railing kits highly visible. Our safety coating is applied to aluminum pipe to ensure maximum corrosion resistance. All TUF Rail Industrial Rail Kits meet or exceed OSHA and IBC standards.

Ease of Installation: All TUF Rail Railing Kits include the required Allen wrench to properly install and tighten our stainless-steel set screws. The included tool is all you need to assemble our railing system. No additional welding, drilling, or tapping is required. All posts are pre-assembled, installation is fast.

Adaptable: Using a combination of our kits, you can achieve almost any standard railing configuration to meet your specific needs


  • Corrosion resistant aluminum construction
  • Pre-assembled posts
  • Industry standard safety yellow powder coat finish
  • Engineered components
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA requirements for safety rails

Available Kits

RK-1: 5’-0 straight rail kit
RK-1 is comprised of 2 end posts and 2 mid rails. You can extend the length of this railing through the use of our RK-4 extension kit.

RK-2: 10’-0 straight rail kit
RK-2 is comprised of 2 end posts, one mid post and 4 mid rails for a combined length of 10 feet. You can extend the length of this railing through the use of Our RK-4 extension kit

RK-3: 5’-0 x 5’-0 Corner Kit
RK-3 is comprised of 2 end posts, one corner post and 4 mid rails. You can extend the length of this corner railing through the use our RK-4 extension kit.

RK-4: 5’-0 rail extension kit
RK-4- 5′-0 Extension Kits are comprised of one mid post and 2 mid rails. This kit allows for the extension of our RK-1, RK-2 and RK-3 rail kits.