Portable Guardrail System

As a stocking distributor for French Creek Production, Inc., Thompson Fabricating provides custom packaged guardrail systems to assure that that the perimeter of your workspace is secured. When working on open floors or roof tops, a portable guardrail system is essential for fall safety. The portable guardrail system from French Creek provides a safe perimeter and can be erected on a parapet or the edge of a concrete slab.

Two construction workers on a roof, observing a construction site with the city in the background while leaning on a portable guardrail system.


  • Fits 4″-24″ Parapets and C-slabs
  • Dual-use versatility for slab edge and parapet installations
  • Secures with adjustable clamp lever
  • Plated alloy steel provides corrosion and damage resistance
  • Lightweight, one-person setup and installation


  • Minimum parapet wall height: 7.5”
  • Placement width: 8’ apart maximum
  • Toe-boards must be a minimum 3-1/2” from top edge to working surface, and must not have greater than 1/4” clearance between the bottom edge and working surface
  • 200 lb. force top rail, 150 lb. force mid rail
  • Meets & Exceeds OSHA 1926 Subpart M & 1910
An "L" shaped portable guardrail system
A portable guardrail system with wheels that allow it to move back and forth across a ledge.